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Every morning, a lot of people blame their back pain or muscular discomfort on their mattress but they have not considered buying an orthopedic mattress. Buying a mattress with orthopedic benefits is very important to your health and whole body. The main objective of such mattress is to help you rest and support your back that is why it is built with spine, skeletal and muscular support.

Benefits of using it:

  • Gives you a good night sleeps.
  • Avoid muscular discomfort and back pain.
  • Promoting a healthy back.
  • Avoid localized pressure points.
  • Feel more rested.
  • Lessens moving around.
  • Wake up less during the sleep.

The price of orthopedic mattresses is not cheap but come to think of it, we almost spend most of our time in our bed, so it is best to splurge on this bed for our long term health and comfort.  You will be using this bed for about 10 to 20 years so it is really a good investment.  It is nice to have a sound sleep.

There are several types of orthopedic mattress that is available in the market which varies in size, price, materials and level of comfort and support that it gives.

Types of orthopedic mattress: spring and non-spring

  • Open and continuous coil spring mattress – offer cheapest mattresses.
  • Memory Foam- provides well-balanced body support and avoids localized pressure points.
  • Latex foam mattress – cooler to lie on and offer similar effects of memory foam.
  • Water Beds – they offer rippling and contouring effect.
  • Air beds –the inflation gives different levels of support and comfort.
  • Magnetic mattress – not only gives comfort on your sleep but rather reduces ailments, pains and symptoms.
  • Combination mattress – uses two or more types of mattresses that give exceptional comfort but quite expensive.

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