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Mattress topper (mattress protector, mattress pad or under pad) is a removable bedding item that place on top of the mattress to provide protection. Some mattress toppers also provide protection to the sleeper on the mattress. It protects them from allergens and irritants such as dust mites, molds, bed bugs and dead skin.

It also enhances the performance of the mattress by adding extra comfort or support. It is light and portable which allows sleepers to use it in different locations.  Most mattress toppers are made of latex foam, memory foam and goose down and feathers. Some claims that it prolongs the life of older mattress.

Purpose of mattress topper

There are two reasons why we need to use a topper for your mattress.

  • First, it is used to protect the mattress, although you can clean the surface through vacuum cleaner, it will not be easy to remove stained and marked caused by natural perspiration or other liquid caused by spills.
  • Second, it is use to protect the health of the sleeper.  Dust mites can bring allergic reactions, asthma and can irritate skin especially for that person who is susceptible to certain allergies.  Using a mattress topper can filter allergens and serves as an extra layer of protection.

There are several options that you can choose from and it varies on size and price.

You need to look for:

  • Good quality to perform well. 4 to 5 pounds in density will do. (memory foam topper)
  • Check the thread count, the higher the count, it is softer and more durable.
  • Look for air ventilation (latex foam topper)
  • Benefits of body contouring (memory foam topper)

It is also a budget alternative to a new mattress, either memory foam or latex foam. And it gives you additional comfort and support that you need.

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