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Latex mattress is the hottest and latest product in the market. It is used as a mattress topper or replacement on their innersprings mattresses. It can be made by using two methods, Dunlop method is the oldest technique and time tested, produces slightly firm and supportive natural latex. Talalay method is the newest technique that produces slight soft and less supportive latex. If you use both methods, it will give you the comfort and good support that you need.

Why choose latex mattress?

  • Green qualities”, it is natural and organic made of rubber tree sap.
  • Hypoallergenic. Best for those sleepers who have allergies and chemical sensitivities.
  • Bacteria, mildew, molds and dust mites do not thrive in latex mattress (natural).
  • Has a buoyant and elastic characteristic. Good for back and spine.
  • Comfortable to sleep on and it will give you a good night sleep.
  • Durable and will not break down. Longer timeframe (over ten years).
  • It will keep you warm during winter and keep you cool during summer.
  • No flipping, tossing and turning so you will not affect your sleeping partner.
  • Contours body shape.

Kinds of latex mattress;

  • Natural latex – made of rubber tree sap. Uses Dunlop method.
  • Synthetic – made from petrochemicals. Uses Talalay method.
  • Blend of latex – mix of natural latex and synthetic.

They differ in size, price, materials and qualities. Latex is a rubber particle which is suspended in water. It undergoes vulcanization process; a process of converting liquid rubber latex to solid rubber latex.

The Preferred Choice

The natural latex is preferred by many because it has more advantages than the synthetic latex and blend of latex. It may cost a little more but considering the benefit, it is worth buying and investing.

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